About us

Established in 2012, as subsidiary company of EBG (Evolve Business Group).
Duly registered in Syria under the no. 17258

We are a technology intensive corporation geared to deliver state-of-the-art solutions & services in areas of Business Security, Monitoring & Control.

Our Values
Integrity   ⇒  We conduct our activities honestly and ethically.

Respect    ⇒  We demonstrate respect for our colleagues and customers through professionalism in our words and actions.

Trust        ⇒  We earn our customers’ trust by providing quality service and delivering on our promises, striving for continuous improvement.

Teamwork ⇒  We contribute to the efficiency, growth and profitability of our company through dedication to teamwork.

Our Mission
Since inception, our mission has been to develop partnerships with clients to provide effective and reliable solutions & services that are relevant, innovative, timely and affordable, to secure their business, reduce risk, maintain business continuity and achieve operational efficiency.

Our Vision
Our vision is to sustain and improve our agility in responding to business and technology changes in the way that insures continual delivering of innovative solutions and services to our clients.