Body Temperature Detection System .. is available now!

As countries implement reopening plans during the COVID-19 pandemic,Thermal imaging systems and non-contact infrared thermometers are used to measure a person's temperature at entry points to different places; an elevated temperature is one way to identify a person who may have a COVID-19 infection, so then precation steps are taken to prevent this person from spreading infection to others.

The Face Recognition and Body Temreture Measurement System provide the following main features: 
  • Non-contact temperature measurement
  • AI Face Recognition
  • Mask detection
  • Access control based on combination of face, tempreture, and mask
  • Time attendance
  • 2MP, 1920*1080 @ 25/30fps, 4.5mm lens camera
  • 7-inch IPS display
  • Face recognition distance:0.5-2 Meters
  • Temperature measuring accuracy ±0.3(℃)
  • Temperature measuring distance 0.3-0.8m
  • Temperature range 30-45(℃)
  • Recognition speed < 300ms
  • Face recognition view angle: vertical ±40 degree
  • Face capacity: 22400 pcs
  • Built-in memory card 16GB
  • Management software for monitoring and data retrieve/export