Data Center Monitoring Solution

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring allows for intelligent sensors to be connected to the system base unit; sensors take measures and compare them to pre-defined values, and this include:

  • Tempreture
  • Humidity
  • Water Leakage
  • Smoke
  • Air Flow

Events that lead to disaster can be used to proactively alert data center staff to maintain equipment correctly or to take corrective action. When events occur, the system can be configured to send:

  • SNMP Traps;
  • Email Messages;
  • SMS;
  • Telephone Calls;
  • Audio Alerts;
  • Relay On/Off Signals; and more.



Power Monitoring

Monitor Energy Usage in Server Cabinets

The system automatically calculates the efficiency of server room cabinets. Using efficiency data, you can make calculated changes to the way your server room works. Optimize your infrastructure and save money in the process.

Benchmark & Monitor PUE in Real Time

Measuring the power consumed by IT and non-IT power enables operators to benchmark and compare power consumption from a single or distributed deployment through Power Usage Effectiveness or PUE calculations.

Evaluate future cost-saving measures using the initial PUE benchmark. PUE and other server room metrics can be tracked over time to help identify server room issues and opportunities for cost savings.

The system calculate PUE values using data polled from numerous devices. A real time PUE value can be displayed rack by rack or for an entire server room.

Protect against Power Problems
The system provides real-time monitoring of Voltage, Current, and Frequency either for single phase or three phase.
 case of any drop or unstability in power values, it gives alert to take proactive actions to protect the servers and other equipment in data center.