SmarTrack Vehicle Tracking Service

What is SmarTrack?
This service offers the latest in Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management, providing tranquility for vehicle owner, by giving him the chance to monitor and track his vehicle constantly, beside many other features.

SmarTrack is provided by INOVA TECHNOLOGY L.L.C, under the license of the concerned authorities in Syrian Arab Republic, and in compliance with its laws and regulations.

Service Principle
The main principle is based on identifying vehicle location by installing a tracker that works on the Global Positioning System (GPS), the tracker sends position data combined with other vehicle state data to the Tracking & Monitoring System via GPRS data service over the mobile operator network, utilizing SIM card to be installed in the tracker; and this process iterates in very short intervals (predefined) to provide semi-real-time monitoring of vehicle.

The servers on which the Tracking & Monitoring System is hosted, are located in Syria and operate in high secure environment, and data is sent between trackers and servers over a secure and dedicated connection with encryption.

Service Requirement

  1. Installing and configuring the tracker in vehicle (to be provided by our technical team).
  2. Mobile SIM card with activated GPRS data service (to be provided by us from one of the mobile operators in Syria).
  3. Subscription to our service, and filling out the subscription form and accepting its terms and conditions